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ASF's Monthly Resource Events

Financial & Civil Development

Provide free job readiness, job training, financial literacy, and education opportunities to those in need through seminars, training workshops, and Welfare-to-Work programs. The purpose of which is to build skills and knowledge in order to break the cycle and effects of poverty.

Lack of education is a large contributor to the state many find themselves in today. A Sure Foundation's services attempts to educate those affected by poverty with the tools and skills necessary to overcome it. Education and access to resources and financial assistance means mobility into a more secure life.


Creative Kid's Corner

Interactive Engagement

The Creative Kid's Corner is a place where creativity thrives. It is designed to teach children valuable life lessons such as sharing, patience, and teamwork. The children who attend the Kid's Corner learn these lessons through hands on artistic workshops and games provided by our staff.

Comfort Café

Freshly-cooked Meals

Our kitchen staff prepares and serves a full course meal to members of the community at every Outreach event. There is an adult's and a kid's menu. We also wish to feed as many people as possible and even take our meals to the streets.