Upholding The Forgotten, Committed to Their Survival


Resource and Development Center

Financial & Civil Development

Provide free job readiness, job training, financial literacy, and education opportunities to those in need through seminars, training workshops, and Welfare-to-Work programs. The purpose of which is to build skills and knowledge in order to break the cycle and effects of poverty.

Lack of education is a large contributor to the state many find themselves in today. A Sure Foundation's services attempts to educate those affected by poverty with the tools and skills necessary to overcome it. Education and access to resources and financial assistance means mobility into a more secure life.


Our Partners & Resources

OAI advocates and promotes lifelong learning and equal access to quality education, training and career opportunities for culturally diverse populations, with emphasis on individuals who are severely impacted by poverty.
South Side Help Center (SSHC) helps people of all ages embrace a lifestyle of prevention against mental, physical and social ills by providing positive, healthy alternatives so that community residents can lead productive lives.
Partners In Community Building, Inc. is a housing counseling agency providing Homebuyer EducationFinancial LiteracyForeclosure PreventionRental Housing and the City of Chicago‚Äôs Micro Market Recovery Program.
Genesis Housing Development Corporation creates and sustains wealth in local communities through housing education, housing advocacy and real estate opportunities.
City Colleges gives students access to a quality education and ensures their success by providing them with the support to complete their program and move on to further education or a career.