Peculiar Treasures Mall/ A Sure Foundation

Brought to you by A Sure Foundation       Non Profit Organization

Peculiar Treasures began as A Sure Foundation's clothing closet which gave free clothes, shoes, and toiletries to those in need; it has now grown into a fully operational store which brings in revenue to help support the foundation. Although Peculiar Treasures now sells items for profit, it has not lost its roots of giving, and still supplies emergency clothing, shoes, and toiletries to those who come to A Sure Foundation for help.

Take a look at Peculiar Treasures' online stock of items by clicking here, or clicking the Peculiar Treasures tab above. If you would like to see items in person drop buy the store at 6234 Indianapolis Blvd. in Hammond, IN 46320, we are open Monday-Saturday from 9am - 6pm, and Sunday from 10am - 2pm.


Peculiar Treasures has transformed to have a greater impact than before!

The Beginning

Before Peculiar Treasure got its name, it was simply A Sure Foundation's clothes closet.


Attendees to ASF's monthly resource event were allowed free access to clothes, shoes, and toiletries if they had need. We have now developed a system to properly assess the needs of individuals and their families to allocate these free resources through our Resource and Development Center.

Peculiar Treasures Store

Peculiar Treasures has transformed from a clothes closet to a store that now carries a range of items from clothes, shoes, appliances, furniture, books, toys, and much more!

Still Providing Help

Although no longer functioning as a clothes closet, Peculiar Treasures provides emergency supplies of clothes, shoes, and toiletries to those who come to our Resource and Development Center for help.