A Sure Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization founded to work exclusively for charitable, social, and educational purposes. We serve a diverse range of communities which include the Chicagoland and greater Metropolitan area, as well as North-West Indiana. Our commitment is to empower positive creativity, building and maintaining a safer environment.


We are currently building on our ongoing partnership with Double Impact Ministries Healing & Deliverance Center’s Outreach, and are collaborating with Aunt Martha’s (Youth Services), Inner Faith (Ex-offenders), Greater West Town Partnership (Job training & Placement), St. Matthew House (Supportive services for the homeless), TEECH Foundation, Inspiration Corporation,

Garfield Workforce Center, Breakthrough Urban Ministries, Inner Voice Inc., OAI Opportunity Advancement Innovation, Agriculture Custom Clothiers, and A.J. Wright & Associates LTD.


We look to further our efforts of empowering the less fortunate through job-readiness and training, financial literacy, GED and higher learning assistance, youth programs, veterans’ services, homelessness assistance and prevention, assistance to needy families, and ex-felon resources. Our goal is always to do this at little to no cost to the communities we serve.


In the future A Sure Foundation will also be the host of Teen Centers for at-risk youth. The goal being, to provide preventative mentoring to reduce/eliminate teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and violence, but also to build work ethic, social skills, and financial literacy to ensure a safe and successful future for themselves. Through established relationships we hope to integrate our Teen Centers with scholastic and non-scholastic entities to expand the reach of these much needed resources. We are in the process of establishing relationships with leaders and local agencies, intermediary organizations, public entities, and government policy makers to create and strengthen programs that help empower those living in low-income areas.


We will seek support and share effective ideas and practices that expand learning and enrichment opportunities for all people with our Educational Recreation Daycare and Development Center. We are a one stop shop Resource Center for all people. We will provide life skills, civic engagement, job readiness programs, renovation programs and other housing type services. There are leadership, mentoring, and motivational programs to pursue positive direction in daily life experiences; scholarship program and self-sufficiency programs.


We will seek to reclaim abandoned homes, with future plans to rehab/build affordable housing to increase the communities’ economic viability and potential. Also, factors of alternative

programs, activities as it pertains to domestic violence, community issues, and homeless veterans. We will network with other organizations to answer the impending needs of the communities. We will provide instruction and training of individuals for the purpose of improving a level of their capabilities through our entrepreneurship programs in business, marketing, and financial management.


Our long-term strategic plan focuses on implementing effective strategies to seek seed capital investments that will leverage millions of dollars of services and economic development that will continue to circulate within our neighborhoods and revitalize help to bring about a culturally diverse community of healthy, productive, and engaged citizens.