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About Us


A Sure Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization founded to work exclusively for charitable, social, and educational purposes. At this time we serve the Chicagoland and greater Metropolitan area, working in Illinois as well as North-West Indiana.

We seek to provide the poverty-stricken masses in our communities with the tools and education needed to gainfully provide for themselves and their families. We do this by empowering them through job-readiness and training, financial literacy, GED and higher learning assistance, ex-felon resources, and much more. A Sure Foundation seeks to go beyond giving one time handouts.

We are in the process of establishing relationships with leaders and local agencies, intermediary organizations, public entities, and government policy makers to create and strengthen programs that help empower those living in low-income areas.

In the future A Sure Foundation will also be the host of Teen Centers for at-risk youth. The goal being, to provide preventative mentoring to reduce/eliminate teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and violence, but also to build work ethic, social skills, and financial literacy to ensure a safe and successful future for themselves. Through established relationships we hope to integrate our Teen Centers with scholastic and non-scholastic entities to expand the reach of these much needed resources.

A Sure Foundation is a one-stop shop resource and development center that is available to all people and all ages. Everything we do is to have a lasting impact on people lives by uplifting them so that they can soar on their own. We Uphold The Forgotten, and are Committed To Their Survival. Come and be committed with us!